Soft Touch Washes

The ProTouch® Tandem is a superior wash system that incorporates both touch-free and soft touch methods, giving our customers a thorough and quality wash. On average, the ProTouch® Tandem touches the vehicle up to 70% less than other soft touch washes utilizing multiple brushes.

Key Benefits

3X Color Foam Applicator – Thick, triple-color layers of foam conditioner. Helps to make your car sparkle for days to come!

High Pressure Undercarriage, Side and Wheel Blast – The powerful undercarriage, rocker panel and wheel blast systems cleans down to the ground and the underbody of the vehicle.

Advanced Tire & Wheel Scrubbers – Each tire receives a chemical application allowing for dwell time, next the wheel rim receives an intense circular rotational scrubbing, and then the full wheel receives a high pressure blast.

Rust Inhibitor – Targets the exhaust, suspension, and chassis of vehicles with rust-preventative solutions.

Integrated Flash Dry – The three step process begins with the back bridge applying a protectant. Next the front bridge applies a spot free rinse with rain arch, which is instantly followed by forced air from the integrated dryer.