FAQs: How many Turbo Jet Locations are there?

Answers: Three locations. Two in Myrtle Beach, SC (1942 Mr. Joe White Avenue & 67th Avenue) and one in Carolina Forrest, SC (593 International Drive).

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa & American Express cards in addition to cash. We do not accept checks.

What are the vehicle restrictions for your In Bay automated car wash?

Vehicles must be less than 7’0 tall. All cargo carriers at the rear of the automobile and loose debris in truck beds must be removed before entering the wash. Automobiles with side mirrors that extend beyond a normal length (i.e. Dodge Chargers) must use the Touch-Free wash. We are not responsible for any damage due to aftermarket accessories or equipment.

Do you close on bad weather days?

In the event there are freezing temperatures below 30 degrees we may have to close the car washes to prevent freezing and damage to both our equipment and your vehicle. If you are in doubt about whether we are open, please call us at (843) 445-7875 or (843) 449-8082.

Is car washing safe for the environment?

Absolutely! At Turbo Jet Carwash in fact, it is much safer for the environment to wash your vehicle at a professional car wash than in your driveway. We strictly control the fresh water flow rates and water pressure in our car wash and use considerably less water per car than you would use if you were to wash you automobile in the driveway. All mud and debris from the cars we wash is held in a confined trench and then removed regularly by a professional disposal company.

Do I stay in the vehicle while my car goes through your car wash?

Yes, whether you’re visiting our In Bay Automatic or Express Tunnel car wash the equipment continually cleans the vehicle as you sit in the driver’s seat.

How often should I wash my vehicle?

We recommend you wash your vehicle a minimum of twice a month. Wash frequency really depends on the climate and environment where you live. In South Carolina, it is important to wash frequently enough to remove pollutants that stick on your vehicle’s surface such as acid rain spots; harsh dust which, if rubbed can scratch the paint; bugs, which will bake into your paint; and tree sap, which will etch your paint. The longer you leave your car dirty, the harder it is to clean and maintain the exterior of the car.

What is the best way to protect my car from the salt air & rust?

The best way to protect your car is by washing not only the top of the car, but also the undercarriage. The undercarriage wash is a high-pressure rinse that flushes all of the debris and road grime from the underside of your car.

Will your car wash scratch my paint or damage my car?

No not at all. Our wash process is safe and gentle. Your car goes through two stages of high-pressure rinsing/cleaning to remove any road grim and dirt before our patented ultra gentle sponge-like brushes touch it.

Do you offer a Discount Loyalty Program?

Yes we do. We have a variety of options when it comes to washing your automobile and saving on washes. See an attendant for further details or check out the link Discount Loyalty & Fleet Program via our website.

Do you provide discounts to seniors, military personnel, police and fire departments?

Yes we do. You will save $1.00 off any wash.

Do you have commercial and fleet programs?

Yes we do. We have a variety of options when it comes to washing a fleet of vehicles to minimize cost and increase efficiency. See an attendant for further details or check out the link Discount Loyalty & Fleet Program via our website.

What makes Turbo Jet different from other car washes?

We utilize top-notch equipment and employ true professionals that pay attention to detail, providing memorable and consistent customer experiences each and every day.