Touch Free

Turbo Jet Car Wash’s touch free cleaning is a technique where nothing touches the vehicle except mild soap solutions and water.

What is the difference between Touch Free and Friction?
Friction vehicle wash systems use brushes or other materials to clean a vehicle, while Touch Free uses low-pressure detergent application and high-pressure nozzles for a frictionless wash.

Why go to a Touch Free Wash?
An automobile is a major investment. People are keeping their vehicles longer and want to keep them looking showroom new. They are simply protecting their investment. There is little worry about vehicle damage with a Touch Free wash, since nothing touches the vehicle except detergent solution and high-pressure water. Touch Free vehicle wash systems have fewer mechanical components than friction systems, reducing the number of parts that can break or wear out.

How does a Touch Free System Work?
The vehicle is sprayed with hot water that contains a presoak solution. This solution penetrates and lifts dirt and road film from the vehicle’s surface. Using a high-pressure water spray, the dirt is removed. The vehicle is then rinsed with spot-free water and dried. All this occurs without brushes or other materials touching the vehicle.

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